The AWOL Company team is expert at diving deep into brands and the aspirations of their customers, conceptualizing innovative user experiences, visualizing design concepts, and helping bring those concepts into production. If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality.

A Primer on The Design Process


AWOL Company is a full-service strategic product design studio. Our design team relies on a well-known methodology known as The Design Process to guide our creativity.  This powerful tool relies on the following sequential activities:

  • Learn about the design challenge (through researching project goals, the brand, the target users, the competitors, the retailers, the technologies, cultural shifts, design trends, etc.)
  • Explore creative solutions that regard these factors (through sketching, prototyping, CAD modeling, brainstorming, design strategy, etc.)
  • Develop the concept through the production process (by working with manufacturers, engineering the final concept, testing with users, building final prototypes, etc.)

AWOL Company’s founder and creative director, Andy Logan, has successfully applied this formula to help bring scores of products to market for dozens of the world’s leading brands.  Andy has worked with companies large and small across multiple industries, including Consumer Electronics, Medical, Housewares, Automotive, Industrial, and Furniture categories.  Regardless of industry, AWOL Company can tailor an approach that addresses the unique needs of each and every client, and transform a simple vision into a market success by working with our areas of expertise:


AWOL Company’s Expertise

  • Research & Strategy (ethnographic research, user experience analysis, trend tracking, competitive audits, product teardowns, design strategy, design language systems, brand analysis, product definition, and research synthesis)
  • Concept Exploration (innovation concepts, aesthetic concept sketching, rough prototyping, brainstorming sessions, storyboarding, CMF exploration, and packaging design)
  • Concept Development (CAD modeling, CAD rendering, rapid prototyping, CMF prototyping)
  • Concept Finalization (A-side surfacing and B-side mechanical engineering, design-for-manufacturing, manufacturing liaison, appearance models, CMF specification)

When a project requires, we also have strategic partnerships with key digital design and advanced engineering resources to augment our team’s capabilities.  Whether developing  rich digital user-interface experience, or developing internal PCBs and firmware, or liaising with overseas manufacturing vendors, our partners can help  deliver a true turn-key experience.

Whatever the creative challenge, AWOL Company has the experience, the expertise, the vision, and the drive to help our clients bring inspired products to market.


AWOL Company’s Clientele


We take pride in being design generalists, meaning we are capable of delivering top-flight creative collaboration in virtually any product field. This includes:

  • Consumer Electronics (wearable devices, digital/mobile devices, gaming devices, kiosks, audio/musical instruments, computer accessories, etc.)
  • Medical (high and low acuity devices and delivery systems, wearable devices, etc.)
  • Housewares (appliances, food preparation, accessories, lighting, etc.)
  • Furniture (home, office, organization systems, workflow tools, etc.)
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Transportation

We also enjoy working with a range of client sizes, from the world’s biggest brands, to mid-sized companies, to tiny start-ups. While most of our clients are US-based, companies around the globe find value in our world-class design, personal attention, and efficient structure. No matter your culture or language, going AWOL is universally appealing.