By Andy Logan

October 16th, 2011 (Calabasas, CA) – AWOL Company has launched a free trend-tracking resource for creative professionals around the world: AWOL Trends. This incredible website showcases specific design trends, curated by designers, assembled in an open and accessible format that fuels inspiration, education, and conversation.

AWOL Trends looks across all design categories (Architecture, Fashion, Automotive, Furniture, Product Design, and Graphic/Digital Design) to find the stylistic threads that are moving through the world of aesthetics.

“I was really frustrated by the lack of trend resources out there for designers,” says AWOL Company Founder and Creative Director Andy Logan. “So-called trend-tracking services are generally inadequate: too expensive, not relevant, too category-specific, and only offer the most basic of observations.”


Realizing other designers were having the same frustrations, Andy decided to create the exact tool he’d been looking for. The resultĀ  is a database of dozens of aesthetic themes that is actively updated and expanded, and even contributed to by creative professionals around the world. Perfect for in-house designers looking to inspire their next project, for creative directors needing a tool to communicate their vision to their team, or even for students who need a robust tool to understand the state of design world-wide, AWOL Trends is proving to beĀ  a valuable resource for all types of designers.

“We use the AWOL Trends database daily in design discussions with our internal teams and with our clients,” Andy states. “There really is nothing else like it out there for visually communicating an idea, or igniting the spark that fuels the next one.”

Visit AWOL Trends to experience this resource for yourself, or follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates on new trend postings @AWOLcompany .