By Andy Logan

November 1st, 2010 (Calabasas, CA) – California design consultancy veteran Andy Logan launches his new agency, AWOL Company. After over 13 years working in some of the world’s leading consultancies, including frog design and DesignworksUSA/BMW, Andy is forming AWOL with the vision to offer client large and small an unparalleled opportunity for creative collaboration.

AWOL Company will focus on both strategic and tactical design of products in categories ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices, and from fitness equipment to furniture, for clients worldwide. All design projects will be lead by Andy’s creative vision and experience, and will be supported by a robust talent pool of designers, engineers, and other creative specialists.

“I’m extremely excited about where AWOL’s potential,” Andy states. “Brands across the globe now expect the very highest levels of design sophistication, and yet need a design partner who truly understands the role design plays within business.”


Referring to a commonly heard complaint about designers, Andy explains: “Too often, designers are expected to deliver just a pretty sketch, and then other stakeholders in the process hammer it back into the shape of reality, which often bears little likeness to the original concept. Case in point: the Pontiac Aztek actually started out as an incredible design. In my experience with working with some of the industry’s leading minds, and collaborating with the world’s leading brands, I understand that design isn’t successful unless it supports the needs of the client’s business. As a designer who is highly sensitive to these needs, I don’t consider a project a success unless it impacts the bottom line, commands market share, or stokes the passions of the target market.”

Located in sunny Calabasas, California, AWOL Company’s studio is perfectly located on California’s innovation coast, and near beaches and airports as well. To find out more about AWOL Company, visit our Contact page on .