By Andy Logan

February 13, 2012 (Calabasas, CA) – AWOL Company has collaborated with Relay Fitness Group to develop the EVO fitness bike, an innovative approach to indoor cycling. Relay Fitness came to AWOL Company to help conceptualize and develop a cycling experience unlike any other. With the very well-received launch of the EVO at IHRSA 2012, that mission has been accomplished.

Utilizing Relay Fitness’s patented ORB and RAMP technologies, the EVO has all the high-quality feel of a larger spinning flywheel design in a much more compact form factor. Incorporating a unique internal differential flywheel, this also allows the bike to laterally sway side-to-side, replicating the dynamics of a real road bike experience.

One of the design challenges this project presented involved appropriate aesthetics. “Relay Fitness didn’t want to debut this innovative new fitness technology with the same boring fitness equipment style that typifies the category,” says AWOL Company Founder and Creative Director Andy Logan. “We knew we had to be different, but in what way? And iconic, but using what icon?”


“After initial explorations, we focused on an extremely simple but inviting form that highlighted the unique ORB and pivoting architecture. We tried to make the EVO as approachable and easy-to-use as possible, so we softened the hard edges and sculpted flowing intersections.” Areas of adjustment and interaction are accented with a bright yellow so they are easier to find, and the deep V-shaped vertical posts easily allow users to step on and off of the bike.

To learn more about Relay Fitness and the design of the EVO fitness bike, visit To learn more about AWOL Company’s role and design process that helped shape this concept, visit our Portfolio page.