By Andy Logan

March 18th, 2013 (Calabasas, CA) – AWOL Company has collaborated with leading hearing instrument manufacturer Unitron to develop the Moxi Kiss. This innovative new device is specifically designed to not only improve the lives of those suffering from hearing impairments, but to reduce the barriers to device adoption.

While typical hearing instruments have a stigma associated with them due to their large, bulky form and clumsy controls, the Moxi Kiss is like a smoothly sculpted pebble. Fitting perfectly and comfortably behind the ear, it is not only wearable for long periods but is small enough to be almost unnoticeable. It’s smooth organic form creates an immediate sense of comfort and trust for its wearers, who are often first-time users of hearing instruments.

“Unitron set out a very clear vision,” says AWOL Company Founder and Creative Director Andy Logan. “We had to not only break away from the competition and create a unique visual identity for their brand, but also appeal to their target market by creating an immediately friendly and touchable device.”


The AWOL team explored many variations on potential form factors and materials combinations. “A winner quickly emerged,” says Andy, “The softened pebble-like forms, coupled with flowing parting two-color parting lines to accentuate the teardrop shape really crystallized what Unitron was aspiring to be.” To amplify this feeling of approachability, they also explored minimizing all visible technical elements: the mic ports were blended and hidden with the parting lines and battery door sculpting; even controls themselves were eliminated and moved to an external remote unit.

The overall effect after years of development, and the incredible talents of Unitron’s engineering team, is a product that is both leads the industry in performance, and meets the aesthetic and emotional needs of its users.

To learn more about Unitron and the Moxi Kiss story, visit www.Unitron.com. To learn more about AWOL Company’s role in the development of this amazing product, visit our Portfolio page.