HP digital Accessories

While at frog, I had a multi-year engagement with various parts of the HP brand, looking at both strategic vision programs and near-term tactical engagements. Their Accessories team came to frog in 2007 with an interest in lifting their products out of the sea of competitive, commoditized products that characterized computer accessories. I led a team of several designers who were tasked with coming up with a new look and feel  for HP’s next line of mice, keyboards, and webcams.

In what had been a category defined by generic molded gray plastic, we sought to bring more premium materials, new production processes, and bold new architectures. Our team explored cast metals and extruded aluminum, glossy double-shot plastics and soft rubber overmolds, unexpected methods of LED light piping, and novel mechanisms. We also explored surfacing methods ranging from automotive-style dynamic surfaces, to rational minimal geometries.

These products helped their customers see HP as rising above the pack of generic CE products, as something with a definite attitude and attention to detail.

Team: Andy Logan, Adam Leonards, Jed Farlow, Andre de Salis