Systemax VisiPatch

Commscope came to frog design in 2005 to help redesign their line of backend patch panels for routing phone and data lines. The product (called Systemax VisiPatch) would typically be found in the back rooms or basements of large buildings, factories, conference centers, or hotels, and be the central routing source for all digital cabling within a building. As you’ve probably seen from Hollywood techno-thriller movies, these data rooms are often a messy tangle of cables.

Our task was to clean up this mess of wires and make each behave in an orderly, intuitive, traceable fashion. Each cable terminates in a plug that mates into the patch panel in a very systematic array, so lines can be quickly identified and removed. We also designed large removable panel doors that concealed the wire bundles, leaving a clean and orderly exterior. For ease of mounting, our team also developed a unique leveling system on each modular component, so the system would be in perfect alignment during installation.

It’s hard to make a piece of back-room data infrastructure sexy, but my jove, we did just that.

Team: Andy Logan, John Lapetina, Howard Nuk