Haworth jumpstuff

Haworth came to Designworks in 1998 to help redefine the way people organized their work environments. The Jump Stuff line of office accessories would focus on the way people actually managed their workspaces, by piling, sorting, lifting, and basically trying to clear as much clutter off the work surface as possible. I was part of a design team that helped bring this line of products to production.

The system was based on an elevated extruded rail that all accessories would clip to. This got everything off the work surface to reduce clutter. The accessories could mount to the rail in several ways, allowing for users to configure their own system to suit their needs: personalization is put in high regard by office-dwellers.

I developed the concepts that set the aesthetic tone for the line: flowing natural lines accentuated by a semi-translucent frosted resin. This heightened the sense of lightness and floating that we wanted to create, and looks very elegant when several components are layered together, creating a depth of translucence.

Team: Andy Logan, Sheldon Phillips, Ed Mitchell, Gary Fitzgerald, Ming Huang

Photography: Darren Yasukochi