umbra bungee card case

While I was at Designworks, I developed a unique concept for the Canadian housewares brand, Umbra. Frustrated by the limitations of the wallet (bulk, size, wear and tear), I sought to create a slim, sophisticated alternative that would cary just a few cards and cash (or business cards).

The Bungee case utilizes an extruded aluminum body to enclose the user’s contents, as well as conceal the unique bungee-cord closure mechanism which runs along the sides. With a flick of the top cap, the device is easily opened and closed almost magically.

I’ve used one for almost 10 years now, and am not going back to the wallet. A parking lot attendant, who saw me whip out some folded bills for payment, admired my Bungee case and asked: “Are you from the future?”. Yes. Yes I am.