EVO Spinning Bike by Relay Fitness

Relay Fitness came to AWOL Company as a new fitness brand, eager to make their mark within the crowded exercise equipment category. They had the insight that with a highly differentiated product that offered a new user experience, their brand could stand out from the field of stagnant competitive products. An initial rough prototype demonstrated great promise: an exercise bike that ditched the large, heavy, spinning flywheel in favor of an innovative internal orbital gear. This redistribution of mass allowed another unique benefit: the ability to pivot the bike side to side to approximate the movement of a real road bike.

With this foundation, the AWOL team began its explorations to create a unique visual identity for a brand with no pre-existing aesthetic heritage. Our team began by exploring a range of possible aesthetics, from highly technical to overtly simple, from aggressive to inviting. These sketch explorations provided the basis for a rich stylistic conversation about what the essence of the new Relay Fitness brand was all about.

The chosen concept was then refined in CAD around real internal and ergonomic hard points, and translated into pre-production prototypes. The final design highlights the unique features of the bike, with the main gear hub floating off the ground to accentuate its unique architecture. Heavily filleted intersections help to integrate the design’s various components, creating an inviting experience rather than an intimidating piece of machinery.

Debuting at the IHRSA 2011 trade show, the Relay Fitness EVO instantly turned heads and attracted interest, helping put this new brand on the map as an innovative entry into a highly competitive category.

Team members: Andy Logan, Sharon Levy

Photography: Darren Yasukochi