Alpina Helmet for Porsche/Fastco

Porsche and Fast Company teamed up in 2012 to hold a design competition based on the inspiring Porsche 911 model. All concepts had to be inspired by elements of that iconic car, either in its inception in the 1960’s, or from the sleek and sophisticated present day models.

We were inspired by the 911 from the movie Downhill Racer, which gave rise to a streamlined ski helmet with integrated goggle mechanism (based on the vintage 911 seen in that movie). Painted a screaming orange, combined with flowing organic sculpting and bright chrome cast details, this helmet concept caught the design world’s eye.

We then evolved the concept to take cues from more modern 911 design DNA. The orange paint evolved into a silver and black two-tone paint, the vintage chrome air vent was replaced by a sculpted, louvred inset duct. And design cues like red detailing on key elements, and softened surfacing brought out the final touches.

We’re proud that the Alpina helmet received honors as a finalist in the contest.