Why go AWOL


We invite potential clients can take our Design Aptitude Survey.

Why go AWOL?


Because working with us is addictive. Once clients go AWOL, they get hooked on our world-class design, our full spectrum of creative capabilities, our highly competitive fees, and the chance to directly collaborate with our visionary founder, Andy Logan.


“To many girlfriends, not enough wives” is a common lament in the design industry, where repeat business is a rarity amongst souring client/consultant relationships. Our clients love us, and that’s not an often-heard statement in the creative consulting industry. We know there is no one-size-fits-all model for creative collaboration, and our clients have many design agencies to choose from. To help you decide if AWOL Company is the right fit for your brand, we’ve compiled this handy checklist:

  • Need to Grow or Create market share?
  • Want to gain the love and devotion of your consumers/end-users?
  • Realize that most consumers lead chaotic lives that don’t look anything like the cover of a design magazine?
  • Feel current design partners lack vision and horsepower?
  • Frustrated by over-paying for lackluster creative output?
  • Need a design partner with a holistic view of your business?
  • Want to shake up, break out, and totally disrupt the status quo?
  • Feeling out-paced by your competition?
  • Value your bottom-line first, and design accolades second?
  • Need innovative design within tight timelines and budgets?
  • Need a nimble but highly-capable team of creative specialists?
  • Frustrated by being nickel & dimed for every little request?
  • Turned off by big designer egos?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, contact us for a consultation. If you answered yes to all of them, this may be a Design Emergency requiring our immediate attention.


Either way, let us know how AWOL Company can help your brand reach its full creative potential.